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Divorce Recovery

The paperback and e-book by Keith Churchouse


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About the Book,

It’s not your fault you are divorced, or is it? The chasms that opened up between you and your ex-spouse were just programmed into your DNA. And now that the nagging of the past union has stopped, you have, possibly willingly, picked up the tag of divorcee, bagged up your belongings and are now alone. Does it really matter whose fault it was?

In this modern world that we live in, you may have both led separate lives and just shared the same bed, passing like ships in the night. It was only when the focus of a fortnights summer holiday or ten days ‘family time’ over Christmas came about that the fictitious straw broke on the camel’s back and your marriage folded.  

And are you a person of the past, dwelling over spilt milk, or are you a person of the future, looking forward to the new reinvigorated reinvented ‘you’?

I am sure that the court documentation may dictate who divorced who and what marital crimes were committed to allow the divorce petition to occur in the first place. I have little doubt you will remember those dark days. But the reality is that rarely can any one party of a marriage that hits the rocks say that they had nothing to do with their relationship demise. And if an individual does say that, then maybe their arrogance if not ignorance was the cause!

The most difficult time in the separation might have been the ‘Bagging’ session or sessions of moving out, which to some extent is the only physical part of the divorce process. Bar a flurry of legal paperwork and a dent in your bank account, the boxing and bagging of your personal belongings in the process of moving out may be emotional, as it is likely to be by moving your ex spouse out or selling the family home.  The final disagreements about who owns what and the possibility might be ‘helpful’ by putting all of ‘your’ things in storage, obviously without being biased about any divisions, and then telling you where you can collect them from. This has the potential to be a maudlin or even fraught time, leaving voids that were once filled with love and companionship, and anyone going through the divorce process should be ready for this.

I hope that now, in the cold light of having been through the full process and now in your post divorce days, the reason why you have taken the positive step of reading this book is to move on to the new life that is yours to explore. And move on you must. Remember the other 240,000 or so divorcing soles each year are in the same boat as you. Let’s face it, life is too short anyway and dwelling on the divorce process is unlikely to see you blossom into the opportunities that only you can decide.


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